Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Preparing for FALL!

Yes, it's nice to prepare for fall; wait around for the time when the temperatures cool, leaves turn their magic colors and there is that spring in our steps as we bask in the merging weather change. We are still waiting here! But, there is preparation in the works--the house is decorated with fall colors (lots of oranges, golds and rusts). The hands are turning to fall fabrics and working on fall projects. One of the projects (and finished project!!) is a freebie from The Painted Quilt . She has offered two First Friday of the month projects--great fall projects for September and October (still working on Oct). The background pieces are place mats from a pattern purchased several years ago from High Prairie Quilts shop in Parker, CO. The pattern is titled '2 hour table runner and place mats'. Guess what? It has always taken this quilter longer than two hours to make these.
Waiting, still waiting for Fall! But, happily stitching away with those fall thoughts in the back of the mind.

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