Saturday, March 29, 2014

Knit, Purl, SLP, PSSO

Can we say--we're knitting.......slowly, we are knitting!
This project will take all year--definitely, all year long!  As it is project from Elizabeth Ravenwood and is called 2014:  A year of lace scarf--so far, I've done three of the patterns--makes sense, it is late March after all.  This is in the group--Big Comfy Doghouse--on Ravelry.

I'm using handspun wool that has beads spun with the ply yarn.  I'm not happy that the beads aren't showing up, but you can see them up close and there is the hint of sparkle

I needed a hat--special reason I needed a guy's hat too.  Waffle Hat pattern is free from Gail Bable.

It's an easy knit pattern and I used another handspun wool for this comfy hat.

Love these mitts!  These are from Ravelry Group, Ryan Eejits And Those That Fit In The Group (I know--crazy, but fun group!) We are doing Christmas in 12 Months.  Each month we receive a new pattern--so far, I've knit scarf, hat and now these mitts.  The mitts are single silk yarn--soft, cozy and very warm!