Sunday, May 26, 2024

Fiber Stash Diving


Off to the fiber closet of hidden 'stuff'! to do some stash diving!  This is always fun--never
know what will be found in bins of lost fibers.  THis day I pulled out some indigo dyed wool 
that will NOT be spun--too many twisted lock tops--(I stirred too vigorously I guess)
it is a lovely color and I hate to throw this away--there must be something that could it can be used for--definitely felting for sure!

in the back of the closet sat a bin with a fresh wool fleece--most likely purchased at Taos or Estes Park wool market years ago.  It's in good shape and lovely--I just don't spin too much wool anymore.
Also found a small amount of processed merino wool roving.

and This!  Holy Moley!!  One of my favorite things to spin,  I checked and Treenay silks still sells this delightful blend--If I don't find any more of this fiber in the lost closet of fiber, I just might buy  more of this!  Such a dream to spin.
Here's what I'm doing with all that wool--making dryer balls!  I couldn't find long panty hose but these ankle length work just as well.  This is an evening pleasure--wrapping lovely locks of wool into a ball.  How many will I make?  Don't know--most likely till my attention span seeks another interest..
besides, there is the added bonus of lanolin on my hands and
the smell--oh yes!  that fresh wool smell is like perfume to my nose!

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