Friday, June 10, 2022

DeStashing 2.0

Word of the Day:  DeStash:  To remove (a yarn, fabric, equipment, etc.) from one's collection.

I'm still on a destashing campaign!  Slowly but surely, I'm moving fibers out of the house--
mainly, I'll give it to another fiber person so they can fondle it for awhile.

Gee, can't believe I forgot about this luscious stuff!  I found it tucked behind a box, filled
with what else--but fiber!  It's a lovely silk roving--I did spin some of it and then put it away from the looks of the bag--well, it went to the top of my "to keep" pile!!

Then there is this:  pouch of more goodness!  More silk inside my little red carry bag--
I forgot about this too!  mercy me, too old to remember what's in my fiber stash closet?  There are two nice products in this little bag, along with one of my favorite drop spindles--Lollipop spindle!  Yes, it spins wonderfully!  I have several of these lollipop spindles but this one is my favorite--sorry to say, the lollies went away.  The maker is no longer doing these--what a shame--but, we all must retire sometime.

This little bag was given to me by my least favorite SIL--when I received it, I thought "what am I going to do with this?"  and now, it's my favorite carrying bag for my fiber and lollies as I travel--although, I did forget about it for the longest time!

Inside the bag, I found little tube of handcream--need this every once in awhile as you spin silk, it covers those rough patches on your fingers; also, found these tidy little balls of spun silk.
When the spindle becomes too full, I wind the fiber off into a neat little ball--it's nice to have on hand if you plan to ply with another color--I usually ply three together--I'm bragging now--my fiber is very very fine!!
Okay, I paused long enough to remember the 'good old days"  Back to destashing!

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