Wednesday, March 24, 2021

No Wool = No Sails = No Vikings

 Bet, you have never given one thought to how the Vikings sailed from one place to another or the fact that each boat powered by wind needed sails to maneuver!  It is fascinating to me that without sheep which give us wool, boats would have been dead in the water--oh, you could use man power but there is only so much man power rowing in those ancient days that could achieve the mileage you needed!

When I did demos of wool spinning, I emphasized that in order for one spinner to create enough spun yarn for any type of household item, it would take constant spinning day and night--now, what would it take for spinners to create enough wool to weave a sail!! it's un-fathomable in my mind!  

And on top of that thought, the spinning wheel we know today didn't come into being till 1500--check s history on the wheel invention..

spinning/weaving of Viking Sheep--Utset√łya sheep--
another interesting article of this breed of sheep.

and another article that is fascinating!!!

Okay, you're probably wondering why this came up--Recently, I saw an article, from February, 2016 about Vikings, their sheep, and the wool they used to power their  vessels--
I feel today that I am just plain privileged!! I don't need to spin the fiber to weave our sheets, towels, clothing, etc. 


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