Saturday, May 19, 2018

Towel Exchange

Ah May--beginning of summer activities while other gatherings are winding down.  Earlier this month our Way Out West (WOW) weavers closed out their study on handwoven towels.  We learned many techniques on what constitutes a good woven towel--lessons either beginner or experienced weaver can relish.  May luncheon was an opportunity to exchange a handwoven towel with another member of the group.
Here are the fruits of our study.

Linen towels

waffle weave combined with plain weave

How do you exchange without knowing who has contributed which
towel?  We had plain bags, all the same size, each marked with
a different number--we randomly picked a bag and
were instructed to fold only once, staple twice--
of course, note your number.

When we returned the bags with our exchange towel, 
each person received a different bag--this way we
didn't know whose towel was in what bag--a 
surprise for sure!

This was a shawl shown at 'show and tell'

Tencel--warp and weft

One weaver has been studying with Jane Stafford in
her internet group--she became our overachiever
for the year!!

I'm sorry I didn't get individual photos of each of
the gifted towels.

Here was the layout for photo presentation

If WOW member wished they could gift a
second towel that would go to a guild member
who experienced flooding during Hurricane

It was a joy to see all the delightful weaves from members.
We begin a study in profile drafts in September--
a chance to learn something new, even if you 
think you know it all!!

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