Sunday, May 27, 2018


Drum roll please!  I have a couple of WIPs--works in progress--

Our son, last fall, said to me, "mom, why haven't you made
me a quilt?"  Well, I have made him quilts--but not lately.

He said, " I've seen all the quilts you make for charity and
for my sisters--"  
I said, "I didn't know you wanted a quilt.  What design do you want?"
His answer:  A TEXAS FLAG!

Okay, easy to do--just takes many reds, blues and whites is all--
I was going to Wing the pattern, but got bogged down in the
measures etc--So, instead opted to purchase a ready printed
pattern from Aspen Tree--Am so glad I did!!
She has the applique for the stars--that would have been
a devil to figure out--there comes a time when it makes
sense to purchase a pattern--even if the design looks simple!
But, it took me six months to gather the fabrics I needed and
to actually cut and sew this flag!  Off to the quilters it goes.

The other day, I told him I'd finished his quilt and started 
to pull it out, but his reply was "no, I want to see it
when it's completely finished!"

This is one I enjoyed sewing!  Great pride in our country
and this quilt will be on display for several months
as we venture through our patriotic holidays--
I had the reds, whites and blues from the
Texas flag quilt
Here is a photo of the front of the pattern

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