Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Yarn Along--OK!

Well, finally!  I think I have my brain screwed on right!
I thought this pattern would be easy peazy--and it should be,
but somehow, when I was knitting from this pattern, 
I saw things different!

The problem--I was knitting in early evening without any light and I thought
the first rows should end with k1 and k2 on second row--and my stitches count
wasn't coming out right!
low and behold--it was not to be counted in the stitches!
Well, duh--no wonder the count wasn't right!

I couldn't find my post a notes, only a highlighter--that works the first time
around, but on repeats, I've got to find those post-a-notes.
I'm knitting though and that's what counts!

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