Tuesday, June 7, 2016


This sounds like fun adventure--Mystery-Knit-A-Long Pattern Scavenger Hunt!  This is injunction with World Wide Knit In Public Day, June 18.
It's only a $1 now for the pattern--
then you'll be in!
Project Details: 
The finished project is a long skinny crescent-shaped mini-shawl with a slight point in the center (approx 10” x 40”). It incorporates lots of squishy garter stitch alternating with layers of textural stitches and some simple lace. This combination gives you enough of a challenge to keep your interest while also giving you time to just knit while you talk with your friends during your WWKIPD event.
There are 6 pieces to this MKAL, the first and last ones come with your initial info sheet and the rest are the “hidden” pieces that you can collect throughout the day. These “hidden” pieces are special because they are all completely interchangeable. That way if you only find 2 of the 4 “hidden” pieces, you can still knit a completed shawl with the 2 pattern pieces that you did collect. (Or, you can knit the whole thing with just the beginning/ending piece. But where’s the adventure in that?) Another bonus to having interchangeable layers is that you can make this shawl as big as you want. The pattern is written as a mini-shawl, but you can just keep adding in layers until it’s the perfect size. (Just be sure to leave enough yarn for your bind-off!)
Each “hidden” pattern piece was designed to represent the location that it can be found in during the Sioux Falls Shop Hop. There are 2 textural patterns and 2 lacy patterns, 1 pattern incorporates optional beads and 1 incorporates optional metallic thread. If you are local, please support these amazing businesses that have been so supportive of our event by buying your supplies/treats from them.
  • 380 yds (356 m) of fingering weight yarn (tonal or slightly variegated works best)
  • US size 2 (2.75 mm) Circular Knitting Needles at least 32” (ideally 40”) long
  • Tapestry Needle
Optional Supplies: 
(If you are local, you can purchase these during our shop hop and support the participating stores.)
  • 6/0 Beads
  • Metallic Thread
Some things to keep in mind:
  • The online pattern pieces will only be available online until 11:59 PM (CST) on 6/18/16, so visit the links below at the times listed to get your pieces before they’re gone.
  • If you still miss some of the pieces and/or want the entire pattern in my usual PDF format, don’t worry. The full pattern will be released on 6/29/16. Those who have purchased the Info Sheet for the MKAL ($1) will get a free digital copy of the full pattern at that time.
  • Regular price for this pattern will be $4.99, so sign-up now to get the discount and join in on the fun!

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