Monday, February 8, 2016

The March Madness Warm-up

March Madness pertains to B-ball (basketball) but as a knitter I'm referring to Sock March Madness and right now, there is a warm-up pattern you can use.  And I'm thinking----STASH!

Check out Ravelry for insight into
March Madness--Socks Forever!

This pattern is for warm-up for Sock Madness 10. It is mix of many things. It combines carefully chosen pieces of Sock Madness patterns from previous years and joins them into a pair of Mad Mix Socks.
The pattern contains instructions for both cuff-down and toe-up versions for fingering weight socks. The stitch patterns include six different textures to play with. The finished sock is sum of fewer or more pieces. You can pick and choose the bits that please or challenge you the way you like and make a unique pair of Mad Mix SM10 warm-up socks.
A big warm thank you to all these Sock Madness designers for giving their permission to present their design as a part of this pattern!
The dozen original SM patterns from 10 designers that are joined here are:
da Treehouse by Adrienne Fong & Debi Woods
Daisy Daze by Maria Ekblad
Diamonds in the Fluff by Leslie Comstock
Dimpled Diamonds Socks by Deborah Swift
Hieroglyphic Socks by Heatherly Walker
Longing for Spring by Caoua Coffee
Mad Color Weave by Tina Lorin
Nornir by Caoua Coffee
Painted Madness by Tricia Weatherston
Rose Water by Heatherly Walker
Supporter’s Socks by Linda Pankhurst
Wimbledon by Ros Clarke
Knit away all February and let the Madness begin!

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