Friday, February 5, 2016

It's a Weaver's World

 I was the delivery person from one weaver to another!  and it just so happen, our Westside Weavers' were meeting at my house on the day there was the hand-off.  There was no stopping us--we had to dig into the box of handwovens.  Then the show began...................................
Colorful and playful towels

just one stack of towels from the bin

up close and personal with the towels

and as weavers, we inspected each towel carefully,
deciding on what weave structure, sett, dent

just plain weave--JUST, sure!

on same warp, but different looks!

happy colors!

color combinations we hadn't tried before

bright and festive!  We're thinking about a challenge called
Gypsy--what would you weave

we all were thrilled with this weave--dots and dashes!


more dots and dashes

This is my towel now!

Even the hems are neat and tidy

same warp, different wefts

color and weave napkins with spot bronson

broken twill with color!
Which would you choose to take home?  It was definitely a pleasant chore!
Thanks Charlene for the tour of your handwoven towels
and the program for the day!

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