Monday, November 30, 2015

Time Involvement! Or Procrastination?

Since I've been cleaning out my mother's house and our summer home, I thought it was time I clean out our regular home!  There have been binders in my studio filled with odds and ends of information  for years!  Years, I say!  Many Years!  Wonder why I saved some of these pages--from magazines, printouts, copies of old patterns, purchased patterns?  Once I've made the pattern, I don't usually go back and make another one--I'm ready to move on to another adventure--ah, here are 1,000 of pages that need to be gone through.

 of course, when you go through all that paperwork, you come across a pattern or technique you want to do again or maybe, do just because you didn't make it in the first place!!

Stacks and stacks of paper!  I don't want to even think of how much I spent on copy paper...............
or those clear plastic inserts for each of those pages!
I pulled this pattern out--maybe, I'll get it made BEFORE next fall!

and this sweet pattern--I've always wanted to knit these up for special friends

Oh my gosh, I even found a hand written pattern from my Granny.
She used to crochet these coat hangers as gifts--lovely things!

A pattern for an unique bag--must save this one--even if it isn't in English!

And I've always wanted to weave this pattern!
Okay, now that I've cleaned out the shelves of binders,
I'm ready to start on a new page--
gee whiz--I"m ahead of the New Year resolutions!

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