Monday, November 16, 2015

Expatchers Gather!

It was such a joy to be with my ex-patcher friends!  We haven't had much time to visit or spend some quality time together.  That one special Tuesday was a blessing for us all--a chance to laugh, share stories of life events, hug, enjoy each other's company.
Lucy was in from CA--love seeing Lucy when she's in town!
She saw this adorable pattern and had to make it--

who wouldn't love this princess quilt?

There was some discussion between the long arm quilters--what design would look the best?
I know one grand-daughter who is going to love this!
Lucky gal!

Judy M adorned her quilt studio with her latest finish--this wonderful
snowmen lodging in the snow!

Snowflakes falling!

We all liked this so much!!
Her other creation in progress was the Cardinals

She is working on the border

Some ready!

Linda showed off her wonderful king size South African fabric quilt

absolutely smashing!

and love the quilting!

Too bad Karen wasn't there (no, she was having fun in CA!)
Here is her latest quilt finished by Sandy

what fun this is--all in batiks! 

Brenda is working up this kit for her new grandson due in December

Elephants must be a trend for new babies, but this one is 
so interesting

The rain, diagonal lines on the pattern, is to be this braid-
much discussion on how it should be done.

And Karen's pillow shams!  oh, wow!

Sandy had done the quilting on these too.

And on for the road--a finished baby quilt made by Karen,
quilted by Sandy--going to one of our expat friend's 
new baby boy!  Great pattern!  


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