Saturday, November 21, 2015


A snowdrift at the highway – not nice and even dangerous.
A snowdrift in the mountains on a sunny morning after a stormy night – what a sight to behold! Lines in the snow forming different patterns, sparkling in the morning sun…
A phenomenon in nature that has a dark and a bright side! And like this, our this year’s KAL project will be: a shawl with a dark and a bright side. But both sides will be pretty in this case! The only danger may be that you don’t want to stop snuggling on cold days.
We will knit a large asymmetric shawl in Brioche technique. This makes the shawl completely reversible and you will have the choice each day which side to use."  from the website of Dibadu!  
Let's knit this!  Did you see that description?  Brioche technique!!  I'm excited--this one begins November 27 and runs through Advent with this free pattern till Jan 1-2016!
I can see lots of knitting in my future during those dreary days of winter!  Join me!

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