Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tour De France and Tour De Fleece

This is the month of Tour De France!  While I'm not much of a bike rider, I got on the band wagon for this adventure this year.  It is also the month of Tour De FLEECE!  As in fiber, lots of fiber that needs to be spun and the motivation to dig out the wheel and spindles; dig into the stash and begin the treadling! 
I volunteered to be team captain for our January Spin-in group.  At first, participants were reluctant to sign up but before long we had 25 members!  Wow!  what a team!  Members are willing to spend little time each day of the Tour De France Race to  spin their wheels for our Tour De Fleece challenge!  We don't have lots of rules--just spin a little or a lot each day, any time of the day of the race.  We can rest on rest days if we wish.  There is just one slight problem.....................................
I Forgot! that I would be traveling some of that time I was to be captaining--(is there such a word?)

It hit me--like out of the blue!  I can still spin, even on a plane, even on a train, even in a car--I'll take my handy dandy little bag with me.  You know when my former sister-in-law gave me this little bag--I wondered "how will I ever use this?"  Of course, she just bought it because she liked it==alas, I found the perfect things to go in my little bag......................

My spindles! and my silk fiber sliver!!  We are set for travel anywhere, any place

Here are my little spun singles that I've wound from my full spindle--all neat and ready to be plied.

In the meantime and before I hit the road, I can still Captain the team as I spin away on this hunk of Bombyx silk brick!

There is a lot of silk here!  and it is perfectly aged too--Silk leftovers from my daughter's wedding dress--yes, I did spin the silk for her dress, wove the fabric and made the dress--that was 25 yrs. ago!  So, you see, this silk is well aged and needs to be spun.

I'm hoping to spin and spin, then weave yardage for pillow cases--I think that would be the absolute best thing for my head! 
Okay, I'm off to cheer on the team!!

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