Saturday, July 26, 2014

Do You Wine? Or Do You Whine?

Do you like to wine or do you like to Whine? We like to WINE! And we'll take a little cheese with that WHINE! So, there is no Whining allowed when we hit the road to one of our favorite summer time events==Keystone, Colorado WINE and Jazz Festival. We come for the Jazz and definitely stay for the wine!
The weekend begins with light crowds and colorful tents set up for wine tasting.  We are sitting at the main Jazz music tent listening to some good notes but heading to our first seminar of the weekend.

The lupines dot the landscape throughout the grounds.

such color along the path to the center where we'll taste some remarkable wines--oh, mine!  there are friends from last year's event!  Lead me to my table........................

Here is our first seminar "Pink is the new Yum!" and we are ready to indulge--several Roses' from across the world.  Can we say "Yum" with a big Y!  Light and refreshing--perfect for the summer hot evenings.  Let's us enjoy this 1.5 hour time with a knowledgeable sommelier and toasting with our wine friends.

After a short break and some food from one of the many vendors in the courtyard (and more jazz music too!)  We are back to our table for the second seminar of the day==World Cup Cabs!  What a fun seminar!  We tasted two wines in each region to narrow down to one final winner!  You'd never guess what the consensus was??  By Large vote--NAPA Valley Cab!!  Lots of tasty Cabs--no Whining here!

We are awake--we think!--and ready for two more delicious seminars--First up for the day--"Champagne Cocktails"--only we misread and thought it was just straight Champagne,  this might be more interesting--don't know if we'd make these cocktails with our champagne--just a little whining here though!

And that leads us to the last seminar=="Spanish Essentials".  We have had Rojas wines before while in Madrid for the summer, so we didn't whine when we had Spanish wine from different regions--some great and lovely tastes on the old buds!  Soon, it was all over and we must bid good-bye to our wine friends--hugs and cheers all around with "see you next year"!  Must Whine a little here.

Our days end with views of Dillon Lake and the surrounding mountains.  And a so long to another fun wine long, farewell till we meet again.  Okay, I'll really whine now!  and take some more cheese please.

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