Monday, July 7, 2014

Quilt Doodles................

Sometimes, I'm so late to the party!  And this party began in January and I didn't realize it till May--Wake up Little Me!!  It's a fun party too.  So, how to play 'catch up'?  Visit Quilt Doodle Designs on Craftsy website and see what's cookin'.  come to find out, you can purchase the past patterns if you missed it the month it was posted.
Purchase January--small amount to pay

worked up my snowmen--look funny without their noses and eyes--but all will be better soon!

print off the other ones that I missed, gather fabric, cut and assemble

here is the row of stars--one of my favorite blocks to make

There is a little tree to build

and a big tree!  Now, where is that cabin the woods I made? 
there is also skate row and who knows what July will hold!  I'm behind only two months now and I guess that's okay--I'm still having fun at this party!

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