Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Let's Talk Fibers!

Let's talk fibers--not grains or fibers that build bulk in your body but fibers that clothe your body!  We must begin with fibers before we can even think about anything else--this day was our spinners gathering for November.  I was happy to be back in the group after a long absence........spinning away, getting that touchy, feely satisfaction once again.  We met at Penny's studio Sky Loom Weavers and it was just a delightful day to be out in the country.  The skies were clear, temperature was on the fall side (for a change); our Texas fall foliage was in bright array!
About a walk around Penny's studio--hanging at her windows are hand woven panels--couldn't ask for a better view

She is threading her loom with wool for commissioned blanket.

And look at these fibers--a new way to present wool fibers--punis, used most often with cotton

and a wonderful basket of dyed mohair locks

And look at this assortment of handspun yarns, all from the hands of Penny for her sales.
Let's begin our show and tell portion of the gathering.............. 

First up is Rosemary, showing off her hand ginned colored cotton

some cotton bolls are still intact

Rosemary also bought this selection of wool punis at Michigan fiber event this summer

She has decided to ply these two fibers together for a future woven item

Some sparkle in the red one

Kate had taken a felting workshop recently and presented her book covers

She plans to make individual books for her grandkids--lucky kids!

Louise was showing off her fancy hand knit socks--although not handspun, they are definitely made of fiber!

She was spinning this luscious yummy wool blend--she likes it so much, she had to buy more from Penny's stash!

Lovely bobbins of singles

Penny had purchased this hemp product earlier in the summer--it certainly has an earthy smell

It will take a little more processing before it is spin able--all fibers are good--even if more processing is involved.
Fibers are OUR main stay of life!

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