Saturday, November 30, 2013

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like..................................Cowls!

Cowls or Infinity Scarves as they are called are THE thing this winter!  Everywhere you look, cowls/infinity scarves are wrapped around necks.  So many darling patterns too--to knit, to crochet, to sew, weave--you name the technique and you have yourself a cowl.
Can we jump on the bandwagon and finish at least one cowl before the style goes out the window?

okay, I think we can!  I found this one in a specialty shop: 
What do you think about this?  Quick and easy, huh?  Using up all sorts of ribbons and novelty yarns.
There is such a list of cowls/infinite scarves, where to begin? 
This one is great fun and uses stash yarn (as far as I'm concerned)
Hexagon and there is an additional pattern for mitts
Beachcombers is simple, tapered ribbed cowl that narrows slightly towards the neck for a warmer, cozier fit. Another stash yarn user
Look for these patterns on Ravelry
That Nice Stitch by Stitchnerd Designs
Pip by Mona Schmidt
Cupido Cowl by Hiroko Fukatsu

Code: Armonika Cowl by Rutast Designs




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