Friday, April 12, 2013


WOW! Way Out West Weavers are one batch of HOT weavers!  They are on fire with their weaving skills and abilities. This group combines beginners (less than one year) and experienced (more than 10 years).  We are all learning from each other.  At our April meeting, we had some great show and share--these gals never disappoint...........
These towels are woven by Lisa--fairly new weaver, who is mastering the art of good weaving techniques.  The black/white are off the same warp.  She was ambitious to weave some napkins that are shown in the backgroun.

Kyla is our art teacher and she loves strong colors.  The day was cool so she was wearing her handspun knit shawl (pattern from Stephen West)

Looking good on Kyla!

She had also woven this yardage to make a lunch bag--what a nice way to carry your lunch to work!

Karen O, a new weaver, had woven this wool throw--it's been washed and fulled--great work Karen!

And then there is our overachiever (as we call her) Karen I showing off her block weave project--a carry all bag.

She even wove the bands for the handles!

Recently Karen had taken a tapestry workshop with Joanne Hall and had this small tapestry show off

This tapestry and the one above was woven on the reverse side--we all signed!  what a way to weave!

Karen likes boundweave so wove this lovely table runner--reverse is white side.

And we continue on with her bath towel, another block weave project--

Another tapestry to show off from the hands of Karen I
How about a lovely woven towel for the kitchen, complete with handwoven tab for hanging--perfect!

Marian is investigating crackle weave and this was her table mat, woven Italian style

Close-up--she's not convinced she likes crackle weave yet.

And here is her lovely handtowel, tabby woven, with a delightful wooden hanger that her husband makes--great gifts. 
WOW group gathering is always a delight!  Who is going to bring out another exciting handwoven item for us to marvel over? 

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