Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Binky Patrol Quilt Tops

What fun it has been to make these quilt tops for Binky Patrol !!!
The expatchers has several bags of prepared blocks--half-quarter blocks; four patches, 6" and 4" squares, nine patches, etc.  For this top, I took a panel and placed these blocks around the outside to frame the panel.

This is a nine patch block but it's called disappearing nine patch--easy to do but lots of neat blocks.

Intermingle nine patch with three patch and you get this look

Cleaning out the stash box, we found these embroidered panels so nothing else to do but put them together.

Another easy top from four patch block--cut 1.5" on each side of the middle and rearrange--great fun!

Here I used  all 6" precut blocks to frame--

Here was another stash project--I found these strips of fabrics in the bin and made this colorful top

One big star in the middle--all made from layer cakes! 
Colorful and easy!  These were a labor of love!  All are in the hands of the quilter and soon we'll be doing the hand stitching on the bindings!
Binky Patrol


  1. Wow. These are all wonderful. I am sure they will be well received. So colorful!

  2. I love all of your quilts..