Sunday, January 1, 2012


It's January first once again and as most will make some sort of resolution to begin their new year, we are NOT going there!  It isn't that we will not keep resolutions (it's always a mind set anyway), it just means we are being lazy...........................But, we did finish up the 'old' year with at least one project.
The Advent Scarf from Ravelry was 24 days of knitting a different lace pattern each day--well, of course, there was no way we could do all 24 patterns.  And if you have been reading past blog posts, you will see that we ran out of handspun and just added white to continue.  And then the other day, the scarf hit the dye pot--to make the scarf sort of uniform.
The idea - we must say- it was a clever idea; but we think all our ideas are clever :-)  -was to drop the scarf into dye--doesn't that make everything better?  Going through the dye containers we found small amount of blue.  Most of the blues were depleted during the November dye day.  Okay--this has got to work , right??
To our eyes, this Advent scarf looks very cool!  Okay, so it isn't quite uniform but it is said (by whom and how often, we don't know) that all shades of one color work together.  Yes, it looks great and now we have a lovely scarf to wear on a cold day.
The new year always brings time to clean out the closets--okay, must fess up here--had to clean up the sewing room and put things away before Christmas as we had to use the room for sleeping.  It's amazing what you find when you put things away into bins that haven't been open in months!  We found these handspun silk singles that were natural dyed many moons ago--looks like we never finished winding them on bobbins.  Okay, that's a good thing to do while watching bowl games.
And we found The Teddy Bear!  He wasn't hiding too badly--just covered up with odds and ends of other 'stuff'!  He's knit from bits and pieces of hand spun wool, natural dyed--ain't he cute??
Oh for goodness sake!  Hidden behind the chest was the bag containing this hooked rug--hate to say when it was begun, but it's also handspun and dyed wools--okay, we pulled it out and now we can finish up the last few inches.  Why didn't we finish it up in the first place?  Go figure!!
And looking for a requested book for a friend, we noticed our lazy animals lounging in the large split oak basket--Okay guys!  wake up!  it's time for you to come out and play--all handspun, some handwoven, a few knit!  Wonders oh wonders--the things you finally see again when you clean up a space!!
Okay, no resolutions here, but we are working to finish up some UFOs--that's a good thing!

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