Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Adding Color to the New Year

The Westside Weavers group gathered and spent the better part of the morning discussing our holiday activities Several of the members had taken journeys to other parts of the country
Scharine took a camping trip to Big Bend, Texas and also journeyed into Mexico where she found these brightly colored textiles.  We thought most likely these textiles were woven in central Mexico.
But, ahh the bright colors that pop!
This small piece brought back fond childhood memories of the old serapes that we purchased.  She had also bought several larger rugs made from cotton with the same bright colors.
We met in the home of Betty, who is a wonderful jewelry maker.  All around her house you see marvelous bead collections.
Connie was showing more of her wonderful textiles that she purchased on a recent trip to SE Asia.  This was a small handbag featuring ikat woven panels.
We all marveled at the packaging for the items she bought.  This was a basket filled with spices.
This indigo dyed silk piece was a marvel--goose-eye weave structure with ikat design.  We discussed whether this was printed or stamped on after the woven fabric was completed.
This silk ikat piece was packaged in the woven basket with a saying and a small orgami bird was added as a prize.
Rosemary gave herself a felted gift from the hands of Chad Alice Hagen. 
Penny showed her 'sample'!  Some sample!  It was large woven rug, linen warp set at 4 epi and the weft is core spun wool--some on jute, some on cotton cord.  Great rug!
Okay, meeting adjourned--let's eat!

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