Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cleaning closets and storage units are a good thing!  There are all sorts of treasures just waiting to be discovered.  Well, actually, these 'treasures' were stored many moons ago and somehow, the old brain just forgot about them.  You know the saying--"out of sight, out of mind"!  Yeah, that's what happens.
This was just a plain white scarf--bought on a trip to China and it languished away out of sight for a long time.  Then when it was time to search for another item, lo and behold, this little  bundle appeared--all neatly tied and ready to be dyed.  Even forgot what the search was looking for in the first place once we discovered this bundle.
Also buried deep in the drawer was this assortment of dyes--most likely bought at quilt festival after seeing a demo--nothing like impulse buying!  At least, the dyes weren't all dried up and unusable. 
Nice colors for silk--instant dyes too!  So, we took the little silk bundle and wet it with the dyes.  A little tad here, a little dap there and we have this.......................
Doesn't look like much to speak of in this state, but once it was open up completely.........
The design appeared!  Whoa, looks like a kaleidoscope!  and it makes us look like a real artist.
Up close and personal--a real winner in any book and so easy.  Now, to find the other silk scarves--where are they?  Must be in another storage bin.
And on the needles--another Stephen West treat from his latest venture--a shawl of the month club.  This is January's pattern--Arroway.  The black is malabrigo yarn and the multi color is koigu--both yarns were in the stash basket.  And easy to find!
The glasses are modeling the mystery sock pattern--way cool pattern!  The heel is turned and the instep is complete; just waiting on step #4.  Heading off to check out the other storage bins for more treasures.............................see you later.

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