Thursday, October 6, 2011


No matter if you are auditioning for "X Factor", the local choir or gallery--we all need to audition somehow and somewhere. It's the same with quilts--how do you finish them off with the right border?
This quilt top was completed some time ago--it was a mystery from Lyn Brown.  So now, that we have it finished, it is time to find the right border.
Will it be a light first border with a red outer?
Or reverse that--red inner and light blue outer?
We are still placing that light blue on the outside with a dark inner.
We've ditched the light blue for dark blue inner and red outer.
And now the reverse of the last one.  What will it be?  Maybe, we should call in the panel of judges to give us a clue--of course, there are other options and the top could be auditioning for weeks.

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