Thursday, June 9, 2011

Handweavers of Texas

Contemporary Handweavers of Texas meet biannually in different regions of the state during odd years.  This year it was held in College Station/Bryan at the Hilton Hotel Conference.  Unfortunately, we were only able to attend a couple of days (our grandson was graduating the same weekend) so we popped in Friday before our tour around the area galleries.  We visited one of the two day workshops.
This workshop was focused on color and how it 'pops' on the warp.
It is intersting how different weave structures and color play on each other, either in the warp or the weft.
Here is the draft for one of the loom setups.
Here is the woven look from the draft.
One of the special features during the conference is the hallway where individual guilds can set up their exhibits and display what their members have been working on throughout the year since the last conference.
This display had many features to admire.

What lovely woven towels!

These are more of the lovely woven towels.  Much to our disappointment, we were not allowed to take photos of the members or instructors exhibit pieces. Hopefully, the website for Contemporary Handweavers of Texas will have photos. More later on the special exhibits that were featured on the tour in future blog posts.

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