Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We're Talking Needlework!

There are the traditional needleworkers, who use patterns and follow the rules right down to the wire. Then there are the unconventional, who will break all the rules and follow no pattern. Here are two of such people: Prudence Mapstone and Jenny Dowde. There are books in my library that show their imaginative creations.
This is the cover of Jenny's book--such superb knitting and crochet ideas.
And there is no comparison to Prudence's work. Several years ago, we had the opportunity to study with Prudence--how inspiring! Of course, one wants to begin that journey to freeform work.
An idea struck........take a pair of mesh shoes, loose the bangles and top stitching......
Make some freeform pieces................
and create an unique pair of slippers. Such fun to just take needles, yarn and GO!
"Green Head" has decided to come and play. She is modeling the latest knitted sun hat that comes from Berroco web page. It's a free pattern that fit perfectly into the theme for January 2011 spin-in.
This is handspun silk, spun on spindle, plied 3 or 4 times. Yes, you can take various colors of any single yarn and ply to get an interesting yarn.
So look for the hat as this person proudly walks the beaches of Florida later this month.
Ahhhh, a finished project came off the needles about two weeks ago and of course, there is the need to block the lace patterns into shape. This was from Advent Knit group on Ravelry. Beginning December 1 a lace pattern was given--now, try to keep up with the 24 days of knitting before Christmas--impossible! But, it was finished shortly after the Christmas holidays. Looks crooked on the floor--doesn't it? But, it came off perfect. The yarn is Jojoland Melody. Several vendors carry this yarn. Beads were added in the break areas before another pattern.
Keeping on the pace with freeform thinking, Another idea struck--why not use three different skeins of yarn to make a scarf? Yes, use three on one scarf. Here is the result. Two lengths are blocking (each yarn sports a different lace pattern). Now, just pick up stitches in the middle of the two and add the third yarn to complete.
Third scarf blocking--this should be fun to wear!! So many combinations to swing around your neck.
Happy stitching everyone!!

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