Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fiber Artist Gallery Tour

This past week was the Fiber Artists "Looking At Art" gallery tour, led by Victoria Lightman. Our first stop was at Devin Borden Hiram Butler Gallery where the gallery director lead us on a journey through the works of Vernon Fisher, Jasper Johns,Richard Tuttle,and Meg Webster.
Two weaver friends were on hand to take in the sights as well. Charlene (left) wearing one of her lovely woven scarves and D'Anne, wearing the art work from the hands of Laura Viada.
We chatted with Sarah, who uses peyote stitch to create a freeform necklace.
Outside the main doors of the gallery, a garden awaits the visitor as they exit the building.
Onto our second artist studio--Cara Barer. Her studio is on the outskirts of her home. Cara is an international recognized artists whose work of paper are outstanding! She calls herself a photographer though.
Here we met Etta, who is wearing a freeform crochet jacket that uses small scraps of leftover yarns.
Onto our third artists studio, which is also located in her home. Dixie Friend Gay does large commercial installations. You might see her work at major airports. She has two studios--one 'clean' for her paintings and a 'messy' studio where she does her glass/mosaic work. Several gather outside the main gates as we await our leader's arrival.
As you walk down the pathway into the home, you notice large chunks of colored glass surrounding the trees and other flowerbeds--yes, this is definitely a glass worker!
The final destination was the home of Victoria and Marshal, where we toured her three story metal house and enjoyed a box lunch. This was a rare occasion to take in the artwork and studios of international artists, who make a living through the creative use of their hands.

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