Saturday, January 8, 2011


The first week of each month is dedicated to weavers. Two different study groups meet during that week. One group has found a permanent location for meetings in a historic home.

The Wright House, built in 1898 is a museum and weavers only add to the element of the site.
Each weavers' meeting begins with show & tell. And in December we have a gift exchange but this time the moderator ended up with her own gift. She had the last number & her bag was the last on the table. She wasn't unhappy about keeping her handspun yarn though!
Our January meeting brought out recently acquired items. Leigh's sister is living on Navajo reservation and has met a weaver from whom she bought these lovely rugs. We were all envious of such work.
There were three rugs presented to Leigh, each beautifully woven by 80 yr old Navajo lady.
Leigh was taking orders from the members--we can keep this little Navajo weaver busy for a long time.
Barbara was showing her log cabin towels, woven of cottolin a 50/50 blend. Just lovely work! We always look forward to seeing Barbara's work.

The study group is working on their 2011 project--summer/winter weave. Since the house is available, those who have portable looms are bringing them. With assistance from each other, warping takes place after the regular meeting.
At the other weavers' meeting that takes place on Tuesday, we have another similar show & tell. Olga, our felter exordinare', is wearing one of her wonderful scarves that she has fashioned as nuno felt. In the background you see Rosemary and her prize Christmas tree that is loaded (!) with handmade ornaments. We always enjoy meeting in January at Rosemary's house so we can relish in her delights. It must take her days to place all those tiny ornaments on the tree; not to speak of how long it takes her to put them away. And she can tell you where each ornament came from and who gave it to her.
Connie brought her latest weaving exploration--trying to duplicate Huichol bag. Huichol is an indigenous ethnic group of western central Mexico. Below is Connie's weaving.
And here is the original bag. You can read about Connie's weaving adventure in the Jan/Feb issue of Handwoven beginning on page 56. Looks darn close to the original!!
Rosemary showed off her Christmas card from Antje, who was absent, a felted Christmas tree. Antje added embellishments after all the shrinkage occurred.
Two good meetings each and every first week of the month. There is plenty of encouragement to return to the looms and weeeeeeeave!

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