Sunday, March 7, 2010

Warped with WOW!

It was not only a meeting with quilters this week but also one with WOW (Way Out West) weavers group. We are small but we are mighty in our weaving power! Here is a sample from Marion on her color and weave project (linen in warp, Claudia's Handpainted yarn as weft). She was sampling--don't we always say 'sample, sample, sample'?? Marion was worried about shrinkage.
Here is Leigh's towel in three harness weave. She also wove hanging tabs on inkle loom, which makes the towel even more impressive.
This lovely bamboo turned twill scarf was woven by Joan--looks great on her and has a nice handle.
Woven by Anita is the wonderful color and weave towel in purple and gold--she titles it "Desert Flower" but we kidded her about it being LSU colors!
We also previewed Lone Star Loom Room , which has moved into our hostess new residence. Julie is 'baby sitting' the shop since the owner has moved to Singapore. Julie is just back from Norway after a three year stint. Wonderful how weavers work together.
Is that a warp you see on my board? Why, yes, it is indeed!! A white 8/2 cotton warp that will be for hand towels.

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  1. Love the pictures of the work your group has done. Wonderfulness on the warp for the towels.