Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunday Drive on a Tuesday

Do you ever or did you ever take a Sunday drive? One of those Sundays when there just wasn't anything to do around the house and the beautiful spring weather beckoned you to come outdoors? Or maybe, there was just too much that needed to be done around the house and you wanted to play 'hooky'? We had one of those days today--but, it was Tuesday instead of a Sunday. Tuesday is also the day for ex-patcher quilters meeting and this Tuesday found us taking a Sunday drive into the piney woods to our hostess, Linda's house. The weather was perfect! Yes, perfect! The drive was also perfect for me because Annette was the chauffeur. My eyes could wander along the landscape and point out various spring features to her. 'Oh, there are red buds blooming.' Or, 'oh, my gosh, there are dogwoods bursting forth with their lovely flowers'. And along the roadside was red clover adding color to the otherwise dull asphalt. Sorry, Annette you can't look as you watch for unruly traffic. Next week you can bask in the spring eye candy. We stopped at one house that advertised "eggs for sale"--bad timing on our part. Just the day before she had sold 10 dozen to one lady. Always, a day late and a dollar short!

Linda had decorated her main sitting area with a grandmother's love quilt--. Linda estimates the quilt was made in late 1940's or early 1950's.
fabrics cut from daughters dress of old; sewn on a treadle machine
and handstitched with loving care to bring warmth and fond memories to all that sleep under.
Both Linda and Karen are working on this project; using brillant batiks. Maybe by next week they will have a completed top.
Annette brings along her sewing machine and quietly stitches away. She is working on this pattern--Hunter's Star.
She chain stitches and takes her units to the ironing board where she lines them up. She sets the stitching before pressing open.
And this jewel of a wall hanging is situated in the back corner of Linda's sewing room. Yes, it was a good Tuesday to take a Sunday drive.

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