Thursday, March 18, 2010

It Just Ain't Working!

Well, who knows what is going on here? Things are just not working out right--
maybe, it's spring fever but these past couple of weeks, each quilt top that was sewn up look pale and anemic. This applique is almost finished; just needs to be sewn down to the center section.
This just isn't working. So, frog it for sure! It needs stronger borders--out come all the white. But, what to replace the white with? And then there is this piece--gee, whiz, what is going on in the mind these days? Pale and washed out to say the least! Trying out different borders seem to help it some, but still........
And then to top it all off, this crochet flower doesn't look anything like the photo! Granted, it has been years since these hands have tried to crochet and the thought behind this piece was to use the hand spun silk on hand. Well, maybe, that just won't work.
No, something ain't working right these days? Hopefully, this spring fever will go away soon. Hopefully, it will take this wimpy thinking with it!

1 comment:

  1. What about some turquoise or brown thrown in? A super lady has her days also.