Thursday, December 10, 2015

Basket Balls With Mizuhiki

Mizuhiki is a traditional Japanese paper cord that come in many colors and is often tied in elaborate knots as decoration for gifts, especially money wrappers. Cords come in many colors, in shiny mylar foil, wrapped in silk thread, or simply painted. It is said that Samurai used Mizuhiki to tie their topknots. The cords are 36” long and you can discover many ways to use them. Our favorite way to use Mizuhiki is to gather 3 or 5 cords to tie up gift packages. A simple square knot holds the cords in place, and you can even thread the ends back through the center knot to create simple and elegant designs.

Here are my Mizuhiki cords and what I have made with them.

Mizuhiki comes in many colors

Some sparkly
Here is the beginning of a 'basket ball'--I learned this technique
from the master basket maker of all time--sorry she doesn't have a 
website; but, if you are interested in these 'basket balls'
leave me a message and I'll get you to Lynn!

There are many design weavings you can do with these wonderful flexible cords!

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