Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Anniversary--Of Sorts

Today is an anniversary--it's a day we want to forget, but somehow, even after so many years, we still remember this date--December 16, 1976!  I know it's been 39 years--We Still Remember when this day rolls around.

It was a beautiful day--kids off to school on time; me planning a Christmas luncheon for my friends at our house.  It was going to be a festive beginning to our holiday season--table was set, decorations were in place--there was no tree, as we planned to leave soon to spend days with family in North Missouri.

And then, it happen--I heard a funny noise coming from the living room--put my head in to see what it was--NO way--flames were shooting up from the sofa onto the drapery into the ceiling!  How could this occur!  Run, to do not Walk to the door and yell to my neighbor to call fire department--we are a rural community, so it was volunteer--it seemed like it took hours for them to arrive; although, I know it wasn't that long!  Neighbors came, friends arrived, husband and his fellow workers arrived--nothing could be done--all was lost, even the car.  This was so sudden, there is not time to think--what to grab--just take yourself outside.

But, there is always good that comes from a disaster..........................................we had so many friends and strangers who came to our rescue.  People showed up with food, clothes, hugs and greetings to assist anyway they could.  There is a blessing sometimes that we are not aware of till many years down the road.  Yes, it is an anniversary, one that I always remember as the greatest gift of all--friends helping friends; strangers helping strangers--we may have lost all our personal possessions, we gained so much more in knowing there is a world of good!

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  1. Amen! We truly know the meaning of the words "a blessing in disguise".