Saturday, June 28, 2014

Where Does The Road Take You???

Where does your road take you?  What if we take this path?  What will we find along the way?

What will your eyes spy? 

What colors will you see?

What will your ears hear?  Trickling waters?  Songs of birds? or just quietness of the day?

What textures will you feel?

What shapes?

What delicate features will you experience?

What will your sense feel as you wander along the path?
Take a walk along any path

experience the breeze in the grasses

smell the freshness of the air

Love every ounce of your surroundings

Enjoy the delicateness of Natures' Queen Anne's Lace and

walk through that tunnel of darkness to the light--
Enjoy that walk you take and absorb every sense of being! 

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