Saturday, June 14, 2014

Clicking Those Needles!

It has really been slow knitting lately...................just not in the mood to break out the needles and yarn. Some days the mood hits me to stitch a few rows. Here is what is I'm working on (slowly)
This man's scarf is from Brooklyn Tweed's blog.  It is called Noro Striped Scarf, but since I didn't have Noro and wanted to use handspun, this pattern was perfectly easy to pick up and put down.

Two rows of handspun wool and two rows of baby alpaca--of course, it is taking longer to knit due to the fact that the yarn is lace weight--Really?  Lace weight?  Well, it was in the real aged stash!

Ananka by Shannon Squires is being worked in hand dyed handspun wool--once again--lace weight, so taking just a little bit of time to knit; .

easy pattern to follow; another pick me up and put me down knit.  You can find this pattern at Ravelry also.

We continue on with this knit--yearlong , a group on Ravelry.

I'm liking this--a small lace section each month.

Using this handspun with beads (I know, hard to see the beads, but trust me--there are beads)

This pattern comes through another group on Ravelry--Ryan Eejits and those that fit in--Christmas in 12 months.  It took me a few days to get my act together for this month--

It required LARGE needles and bulky weight yarn (which I do not have) but I found this aged yarn.  although it isn't quite what the pattern wants, I thought maybe, it will work, but now that I've begun--I think I'll take two strands of wool and make a bulky yarn--
Okay, the needles are clicking some--slowly, but surely

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