Thursday, September 26, 2013


We are taking a road trip!  I love road trips!  Our schedule has us taking short drives of less than 5 hours each day, allowing us time to stop in quaint and off road locations.
Traveling across Kansas you would think that there was nothing to see what rolling hills, corn and farm houses, but with an app on our phone, we found some interesting places to stop and view.  Here is the latest easel--and painting.  Too bad it was such a rainy cloudy day--the notes say when the sun shines on the sunflowers, they sparkle!

Down the road or up the road, whichever fits you, we find this lovely Cathedral of the Plains, located in Victoria, Kansas

German immigrants statue on the corner across from the Cathedral--interesting to learn the history of these small towns

We are stopping at Presidential Libraries and Museums along our route--one reason we took this path--here we are in Abilene, Kansas where we visited Eisenhower Presidential Library/Museum

Here is the resting place for Ike and Mamie

Inside Eisenhower's birthplace home, we peek into one of the bedrooms to view two quilts that were made by Eisenhower's mother

In the opposite bedroom, we can see a handwoven blanket woven by Eisenhower's grandfather--

Quite an interesting entrance to the museum, where a special exhibit about WWII was on display

Back on the road, another off road visit--food!!  good cheese made from local cows--we have our nibble bits

Independence, Missouri--Truman Presidential Library/Museum--I remember visiting here when I was younger, but this mural is all I can remember about that visit

Whistle stops train with Bessie, Margret and Harry 

We were so close to Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery--we detoured to visit my father's gravesite.  I visited here last in 1974 when we had the burial service, so before we went I did some research online to find the location of his grave.  All I remembered was a tree!

Do you know how many trees there are in the cemetery??  But, we found it with the grave number--S995--way in the back of the last row of the S's

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