Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Catalyst: Colorado Sculpture"

What better place to exhibit landscape sculpture than Denver Botanic Gardens?  Lovely gardens dotted with stone, resin, metal and ceramic works of arts--a nice walk through the gardens on any day is a delight.  Walk with me as we stroll through these paths to view these twelve artists' work.  "Catalyst:  Colorado Sculpture" is at the gardens through January 12, 2014.
How about 15,000 handmade ceramic leaves?

This wall is created by Kim Dickey
"Mille Fleur"

We pause to take in the beauty of the border flowers.

"Spiral Dance" painted aspen tree trunks

Nancy Lovendahl is the artist

Carl Reed is the artist for "Ring for outliers"

Three related forms along the waterway

Patrick Marold designed "Stepped Mound"

created from cable wood spools

Yoshitomo Saito "Colorado Loop"

Emmett Culligan

"Crew #4, Crew #5, Crew #6 were on display a short distance apart

Pard Morrison "Schneewitchen"

I like the contrast between the frame of the sculpture and the building in the background

In the prairie area, you will find this interesting piece by Patrick Margold
"Shadow Line, Fall Equinox"

Nancy Lovendahl with her "Fractal Echo"

The Lily ponds had added interest with three lovely works of art.  This one by
James Surls--perfect location!

Another wonderful piece by Yoshitomo Saito is located in the Bonsai garden

Linda Fleming's "Refugium"

Looking between the lines..........

"Marker's Mark" by Terry Maker

Another wonderful piece by Linda Fleming greets you at the entrance to the garden

super walk through the gardens

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