Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January Spin-in Treasures

January Spin-in is always a treasure where you meet old friends, make new friends, learn new techniques, sharpen those techniques you use and of course, there are the vendors where you can purchase material treasures!
There is a challenge thrown out in 2013 for 2014 attendees.  These lovely fibers were the result of Lisa's dyepots and color sense.  Lisa owns  Dicentra Designs based in Oregon.  Lisa's fibers are always bright and brilliant in color.
These blended rovings are soft to the touch and oh so longing for the wheel.  There are blends of merino, baby camel and silk top; merino, yak, cultivated silk top; merino and tussah silk top!  These are going to be a joy to spin!

 I was speaking with Gale of Gale's Art about my dyeing method and the problems I was having dyeing silk roving.  In the booth was Rebecca Sunshine Knit Designs and she was listening into the conversation.  My silk roving was a mess! Rebecca was commenting that something could be done with those fibers, so into the hands of Rebecca these silk fibers went!

And the next day at 'show and tell' Rebecca presented me this skein of spun wool with MY messed up silk at accents!  She said this skein (which is a circle--our 2013 theme) had come full circle--from me to her and back to me!  Rebecca used some of her wool fiber to spin with the 'messed up' silk.  There is a thought brewing in my head that this skein of spun fiber must go back to Rebecca..........................what should I create for her?

Look at this wonderful skein winder--a gift from a participant!

This will go in my spinning travel bag--perfect for those spinning days away from home!
What a fun read this is!

Fiber Art Almanac from  Wildwood Press is a lovely calendar with such wonderful photos

The artists make this book/calendar a real keeper--

There is no way I'm going to write in this book! 
What material treasures I racked up and everytime I use one of these gifts, I'll think of the person who gave it to me--ahhh, fond memories of January Spin-in 2013!

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