Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Houston Fiber Artists

At the monthly HAFA (Houston Association of Fiber Artists) meetings we have time for show and share. Here are a few that were shown at the last meeting.
Since it was Heart month, Ivy brought her Valentine quilt to share.  It is colorful but also she also made it a matching game--there are two hearts that are alike.

Here is Fermin's heart of hearts.  He uses crochet as his media but also other aspects of arts to create this unique hanging heart.  He has used chicken wire for the form.

Inside you can see various heart shapes, some beaded.

One fiber artists has used stitching as her method of expression and inspiration.  She designed the border with a climbing vine

These were exchange blocks--not her favorite but she took these orphan blocks and made a very attractive and appealing quilt

Here are three examples of surface design--the two on the left were made by Linda.  One in the middle used oatmeal (yes, oatmeal!) as a resist!  Of course, there are some pros and cons with this resist--Linda says 'been there, done that'--

This lovely silk wearable used painting and alcohol drops for movement on the silk-- 

And this little hanging is a 'story block' made by mother to give her 9 yr old daughter, who has a dream of owning a cupcake bakery one day.

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