Sunday, December 16, 2012

We've Visiting a Friend's Studio

December is a great time to gather your friends, have some delicious foods, and do some shopping. We are gathering for our WOW (Way Out West) Weavers study group on this Tuesday. We visited our new Guild House that will be used for workshops and other meetings as well as study group gatherings.
We are also visiting a member's studio and shop.  Giovanna Imperia is internationally known for her designs.  She has moved into a renovated carriage house for her studio.  Can you guess what this piece of machine is?

Yes, it's a cone winder.  This commercial piece of equipment will wind off cones onto bobbins, etc.

We are shopping...............

Giovanna has some interesting and unique yarns and fibers for our use

And the best part--things were on sale!

Have a specific color in mind?  Giovanna has it!

And what is this piece of equipment?

A view of the top................

hint........reeds sit close by

as well as shuttles

We're not there yet but here is another interesting piece of Giovanna's equipment--kumihimo.  Just keeping up with all those bobbins would do me in. 

Yes, this is Megado Loom with 32 shafts--a definite complex weaver's dream

Giovanna also has a complete collection of books

Two of these are her own

Kumihimo, written by Giovanna

And a self published Kumihimo book--want to learn this technique, then Giovanna is your instructor.

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  1. What an interesting day out. This studio is amazing. How inspirational. I hope you picked up a goodie or two.