Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Spirit of Christmas Holidays

We began the spirit of Christmas with an open house at one of our favorite places to visit-- Brookwood CommunityHere lies the spirit of sharing, giving and opening our hearts to others.  The last Friday of November and the first Saturday of December is the open house. 
We find our seats in the decorated auditorium as we await the beginning of the anticipated presentation of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" given by the citizens of Brookwood.   

The bell choir is ready and waiting. 

The mice are up first as the story unfolds.....'not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse', but in this play, the mice were very much out and about!

The balleria gives her little dance--remember those jewelry music boxes that had a balleria dance when you opened the lid??

The toy soldiers did their routine

And since this is a God based facility, Mary with child was present with the angel.  Not a dry eye in the house with this scene.

After the presentation, we took a walking tour of the grounds.  There are 125 acres available for dorms, operations, green houses (44) and this lovely chapel sits at the fore front of the grounds.

As we visited each area we received a stamp on our 'passport'.  The citizens were eager to tell you about their part.

Here ceramics are cut out from clay, sanded and readied for painters.

Next up, painters add their special touches

On the table are samples of the pieces that are made and available for sell in their lovely gift shop

Always smiling, always happy! 

Here is the sand cast portion of one of the buildings.

And the rubber molds that are used for outdoor statues

Brookwood citizens work year round to produce the most prized item of the season--these wonderful healthy poinsettias!

When you come to visit, be sure to make reservations in their cafe where you can enjoy some of their famous Mesibov Dressing--made and bottled right there!  It was a super day spent with the spirit of Christmas.

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