Sunday, July 1, 2012

Small Works of Art

It's those small things in life that make you happy--a baby's smile, a wave from a neighbor, a polite happening, a hug from a friend, any warm fuzzy feeling can make one appreciate the daily routine of life. These small pieces of work make me happy!
Fat Cat Patterns has placed an Angel BOM on her website!  Hurry over and get your free copy now.  Each month Sindy will have another pattern for you to create a small work of art.  These make me happy!

We are still working on these colorful chickens from Fat Cat patterns website.  These are so fun to make and will make a great wall hanging once completed.

Another small work of art--these Backyard Quilts hangings by Lisa Bonnegan are quick and easy to complete.

This hanging was intented for wool applique, but since we didn't have large scraps of wool on hand, we completed the hanging with fabric, which works just as well. 

Here is July small work of art from Patch Abilities.  We receive the kits from Cedar Chest Quilt Shoppe each month.

This was June small work--we had this hanging displayed for most of the month of June.  Each time, I looked at it--it just wasn't working for me!  So, here's what I did...............
now, my eyes are pleased and my soul is pleased!  This small piece of art works--just by changing the colors of the flip flops--why didn't I do that in the first place???

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