Monday, July 16, 2012


 We have arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii! and spending time walking the streets.  Dan is standing right outside our hotel and ready to head down to Waikiki area to find a restaurant for our evening meal.  It's a long flight from Denver, 7 hours in the air-mostly over water!  Not a comfortable time for me--someone who doesn't like water! 
The streets are crowded, even in the evening hours when street performers come out to entertain the crowds who are shopping the designer stores.  Night finally falls and we place our heads on nice feather pillows to claim a few hours of sleep.

We are doing the local places--or ones that advertise the best!  Our breakfast is at Eggs 'n Things.  We are late, according to the large crowd that has gathered way before us.  But, our wait of an hour is well worth it!  Ahi steak, scrambled eggs, pineapple juice, pineapple pancakes covered with coconut syrup, and Spam--the local meat of the natives!  We had to have a taste--well, it tastes the same as the days of our youth.  Once is enough!

How about a walk down to the famous Waikiki beach--just two blocks from our hotel.  It is as lovely as the photos we have seen and we are delighted to walk along the waves as they splash ashore.

Yes, this is the popular location of many a visitor.  The water is clear, the sand clean and low waves bring many youngsters and oldsters alike to relaxation time.

Of course, the shoreline is dotted with many hotels and resorts.

Very few waves on this day, surfers are having a difficult time finding that perfect wave to ride.

Okay, this is interesting poster to see!  Many Japanese visitors are plagued with handouts advertising shooting ranges within walking distance of their hotel.

We spend another day visiting the Iolani Palace learning about the Hawaiian history and their kings. 

We are not allowed to take photos inside the palace, but these frescos dotted the ceiling of the porch where we are greeted by our docent.  We are given soft coverings for our shoes and enter into the grand hallway, whose floors are made from soft pine and the coverings will help protect the dark stained floors.

As we exit through the back gates, we see the royal crest.  We are going 'native' and take the bus to and from the palace with a stop along the way at Foodland to pick up some poke'-a traditional fish dish.  For seniors the bus is only $1--a bargain to our pocketbook!  Aloha! until another day.........................................

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