Thursday, September 22, 2011


There are those times when you want to remember.  Times when you want to forget.  But, when the air turns chilly and fall is approaching rapidly, we remember when we pull out the rag rugs to lay on the kitchen tile floor.  What do we remember?  We think on our friendship with the person who wove these wonderful rugs.
These rugs were given to us many moons ago by a wonderful talented weaver, Alpha, who came into our life to give us guidance--not only in weaving, but lessons in how to live one's life.  Alpha could weave anything and everything!  She wasn't stifled by 4-6-8-10-12-16 harnesses.  She wasn't put off by a complicated threading or threadling or a small thread.  She charged ahead.  She wove many yards of fabric that were used as draperies for her home.  She wove wearables to cover her body.  She wove overshot coverlets (of which we are the proud owner).  And she wove these simple but elegant rag rugs.
The warp is coming undone in this one rug--someday, we'll need to reweave these rags but for the time being, Alpha lives on in this lovely floor cloth.
Weaving rugs is not our forte! and we certainly appreciate these coverings each and every year we put them down and take them up. 
Alpha has been gone many years now and just recently we received word that her son has gone to meet her in the world beyond. We know they are embracing with joy and delight.  Alpha has left us a legacy of joy and we remember to celebrate her life.

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