Sunday, September 18, 2011


Determined!  Yes, we can be determined at times--determined to finish what we begin!  Case in point--brown headed daughter has decided (or is determined) to go back to school after 20+ years of being in the work field.  She is going for her doctorate degree--this on top of being assistant principal in her daily life.  But, she has always been a determined child--whenever she sets her mind--she finishes!  It might take many years, but it will be finished.  Many of us are like that--determined to finish what we start--even if it takes time and there are obstacles in our way. 
This looked like a great project--but, there were some obstacles in the way!  This pattern from one of our favorite designers Stephen West had a free pattern on Knitty's fall page.  And reading over the supply list, we were stymied for awhile.  This required four different skeins of yarn--but we were in a 'stash buster' mode.  Put the pattern away for some time.  Then pulling it out and reading again--suggestion from the designer "use small amounts of sock yarn"!! Whoa!  The obstacle was removed and determination sent in!  Let's see--there are all these small skeins of handspun yarn that could be used.
Casting on with silk/merino blend--what did the pattern call for?  Holy Cow! over 400 stitches?  All at once??  Okay, we can do this!  But, the needles get all wonky but we will continue....that is real determination until.....................
We think about knitter friend Judy who was knitting on Kate's Shawl from Ravelry.  The shawl is lovely (modeled by her daughter)!  But, Judy had this massive ruffle to finish up the shawl--she called it "suicide" ruffle! or it could be called ruffle from hell in my book!  Judy had determination to finish this shawl by the deadline--slowly, methodically she knitted--row by row until she finished!  We should all have that drive..........
And remember those handspun yarns from previous post?  There was the determination to see what the cap would look like when combined with black--not too happy with this; but, we are determined to finish that cap--even if it takes many moons!!!

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