Friday, May 30, 2014

Guild House Spinners Gathering

Usually, the spinners meet in homes each third Tuesday but this Tuesday we decided to meet at the Guild House, which is located near Houston Museum District.  We had a nice gathering.  We always are chatting as our hands and wheels are at work and then it comes time to share.

Penny had recently taken a barge journey in Netherlands and brought this lovely skein to show off.  Of course, when we travel we always look for the local fiber people.

It is a wool blend with some alpaca

Penny was told by the spinner (in their limited communication) that it was dyed with purple onion skins

Then we had this discussion about achieving  this color with purple onion skins--interesting

Our young spinner, Lucy, pulled out her hugger she is knitting.  The brightly colored yarn is commercial purchased with the black being her handspun.

Here is the skein of commercial yarn

She also had been on a sock knitting spree and produced these warm and cozy socks--we all loved the yarn

These cushiony socks are cotton blend--felt good by hand; imagine how they would feel on your feet.

She had used some of her handspun to create this cell phone case

Carolyn showed off her first knitting project using her handspun alpaca.  We heard her say she had 21 alpacas with 3 new babies in the fold--WOW!  She has lots of fiber at hand.  This scarf was so soft!

Susan was spinning this yummy dyed yarn from Penny's bins  She is Skyloom Weavers

Lovely, lovely, lovely sliding through the hands of Carolyn; some of her own blended fibers

Marion had recently taken a trip to New Mexico and of course, found a neat fiber shop-- Quillin Fiber Arts.  she picked up bits and pieces for her spinning pleasure

Penny brought her spindle, which is convenient to carry wherever you travel.  never leave home without one!

Another good thing about visiting the Guild House are all the looms--dressed and ready for some shuttle throwing--don't you love this block weave?!

Here is the weft for the above warp

This is a sample weave--can you believe?  It was used for demoing and the pattern is perfect to show off the colors

Here is your pattern for goose-eye treadling.  Can you guess what book this is from?

A weaver was busy on her warp, weaving tablemats and runner--super duper!  Yes, there is always action at the Guild House.

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