Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Let's Talk Thread Count..............................

Our Way Out West Weavers met recently and our topic, of course, was thread count. Never can you see a hand woven article and not asked these questions--what is the fiber content?, what is the sett?, what is the weave structure?, what dent reed? how many beats to inch?  We are anxious to learn these things as we admire the latest textiles off the loom.
We are so proud of our member, Pam!  She has been struggling for the past year with extreme breast cancer and then she conquered that to find that she had a brain tumor!  But, though all that, she always went to her loom to give her comfort and strength to continue the battle.

Pam came to our meeting to share her latest "loom art"

It was hand painted warp (cottolin) sett at 20 epi twill structure.  And she wove and wove this yardage.

You just have to admire her courage as she tromped at the loom to strengthen her determination!

These will be turned into some wonderful hand towels for her kitchen.
Way to go, Pam! 

Barbara had this lovely tencel scarf to show off.  It has such drape and handle! 

Just great weaving--she used black weft to cross over the colorful warp

This was the second scarf from the same warp--interesting how a different treadling and weft color will change the weave look. 

After a "show and tell", our discussion moved onto our yearly study subject--Traditional Swedish weaving.  Gerry brought some samples from her vast collection of textiles to give us a different look at this interesting topic.

Huck lace used in design work

traditional for sure

Karen had these samples, fresh off her loom, of another Swedish weave structure--will need to update this as I have forgotten what she called this--it came from "The Big Book of Weaving"

These will be hand towels for her daughter, who is marrying in May

I think this will be a welcome addition to her daughter's kitchen.

Then Karen presented her Boundweave runner as her Swedish weave--what colors!

This is her weft

and her warp

She has set the bar high for us to achieve an interesting textile for our study! 

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