Tuesday, October 9, 2012

And How Do You Spin?

Love Fibers??!! You bet!! Just the touch and feel of any type of fiber (well, it should be nice to feel fiber). There is a handshake in weavers' language--it's the touch of fiber! That language also crosses into quilting, spinning, dyeing or any fiber related craft.
There hasn't been much spinning this summer, but now that fall is here--it's time to get back to the spinning wheel and enjoy the touch of fiber.  This is llama/silk blend.........

I just love the touch and feel of this fiber, I had to post a photo twice--two times the pleasure!  Just a nice fiber to spin!

It is hard to see here, but this fiber has a touch of silver amongst it's merino wool--blended just perfect for our spin-in 25th anniversary party in January!  Our theme is 'circles' and this will make a wonderful cowl to wear on those cold days.

This wensleydale fiber roving is all so pleasing to the eye, but the touch is not the softest.

Spinning was a pleasure though--outer wear definitely.  Okay, back to the spinning and thinking about what to make from these lovely fibers.......................

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