Friday, May 29, 2009

How did that week vanish so quickly?

Here comes another wkend and we always ask ourselves 'where did the week go?' Can you account for all your time during the past five days? Did you make a dent in any chores or do all those needed errands? Did you accomplish anything of importance? Where in life would we be if we didn't make a list of all those things we want to do? It's like the top ten list of 100 things that must be done this week! Only, we didn't even scratch off one thing on that list because other things just cropped up during the week. For this, the blame goes to email. Yes, email! That instant message system that puts you on the spot to accomplish that list of demands from emails! Committee reports; set up yahoo group; answer inquires re happenings this summer; send out announcements re family matters and happenings; check necessary facts and figures. And then there is the occasional written correspondence that comes via snail mail--dreaded letter from IRS! Need to return another piece of information for them to review what you have already sent.

onward and upward to better news--dear friend has been given a clear bill of health after a scare of colon cancer--now, that's worth celebrating! Cousins did their greatest on Today show, telling their tale of recovery after 20 yrs of carrying scars from a terrible fire that took the life of their mother. They did themselves proud! Oh, yes! there are few things that were ticked off the list--June calendar wall hanging almost finished; pumpkin BOM quilt top has been pieced together and will be given to quilter next week (that's a big whoop as it was two years in the making).

There was some good fun along the week's pathway--early morning walks that brought sweat to the brow and livelyness to one's energy; day time meetings with grandchildren; fun evening at local wine bar, sitting on their patio as one tries to enjoy the booming soul music from the plaza--the first summer concert in this new location. Lots of people gathered, enjoying other outdoor food venues--this could become a common sight until the summer heat really sets in. And then there is the upcoming Dinner with friends that only meet once a year.

Ahhhhh, the weekend cometh! and we rejoice!

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  1. But isn't it better to just go with the flow and enjoy whatever comes your way rather than just checking off items on a list? (That only applies to items on your list that aren't for ME, of course!)